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Jeremiah is back: Obiang event with Lithium

The ex-Forrester Research guru of social media (well, he did stay with them a couple of years) will be co-hosting one of Lithium’s online live events next 30th. The subject is «Time to LevelUp on Facebook». Although it looks like a Facebook corporate masterclass, it’s actually meant to plug Lithium’s recently announced LevelUp service for … Sigue leyendo

Motorola + Google = iPhone envy?

I just had the opportunity to pen a piece on the matter at Macuarium.com and couldn’t resist to comment on some of the issues involved: the business model angle is too interesting. Google alleges that the Motorola acquisition will allow it to defend Android against legal challenges based on intellectual property rights. This could be … Sigue leyendo

Free Gartner reports for Social CRM and Externally-Facing Social Software

They do have an enviable business: every time they release a «magic quadrant» report, the winner pays them to make it widely available. So their reputation is enhanced, and the next winner strives to do the same… Now, don’t take me wrong. I appreciate Gartner’s tech analyses (not like their future market estimations or financial … Sigue leyendo

The reality of ebooks

This is a quote from USA today about this week’s launch of a fantasy blockbuster: «On Tuesday, sales of 170,000 hardcovers (26% of the 650,000 pre-publication printings); 110,000 e-books; and 18,000 audio books were reported sold.» As my IESE teachers say, you haven’t worked if you haven’t made your numbers, so go ahead :-). There … Sigue leyendo

Another reading roundup / Links de interés

As summer grows near, projects prepare for hibernation, and reading and writing time reappears, here’s a few noteworthy links from around the web. Starting with neglected friends and colleages, following with acquaintances and going on to casual web finds: Mario López de Avila sigue escribiendo sobre necesidades de mejora… pero hace unos días escribía la … Sigue leyendo

Another Google+ post: identity management and business models

Ah, yes, it seems no «social IT» blog or media is complete without some comments of Google’s new social attempt. The latest of many: remember Buzz, or the (nice try) Open Social identity infrastructure, or the curiously forgotten previous full-fledged social networking initiative, Orkut. Just as Google forgot to champion it. But let’s get on … Sigue leyendo

Apple, innovation, imperfect markets and the role of standards in competition

The business of businesses is achieving differentiation. For a good reason. This (almost off-the-cuff) article sketches something I’d like to gather serious data about. Not just anecdotal evidence but serious econometric-scale data. On the other hand, it seems plainly observable. The gist (or summary) is this: When looking at the value chain that delivers a … Sigue leyendo

Meet the creature: first MagMaker-made magazine app

Well… I’m still kicking the tyres and not believing it, but there it is. Specifically, it’s here: http://itunes.com/apps/macumag . That link will take you to the macumag app on Apple’s App Store. The app is a magazine stand-plus-reader, allowing users to buy and manage their magazines, and also to read them. It’s quite simple (we … Sigue leyendo

(2004 post) Friendship versus objectivity in KM

That was the title. The subtitle was «The challenge of sustainable socialisation». It was published in the Knowledgeboard on the 24th of September 2004, and it started a very nice conversation (there, and in the old KB forums). It was kindly republished on the magazine of a consultants’ association which I can’t find now (with the … Sigue leyendo

Several community events (with some Forrester added)

It’s a fact that Forrester has managed to establish some sort of dominance in the analysis of social media trends and technologies. Despite the departure of one of their most prominent names, the commercial side of it is running strong. This week was proof enough: two out of three, and new ideas running scarcer. Yesterday … Sigue leyendo

Dysfunctionality: CoPs going adrift

There’s a very interesting thread going on at Com-Prac, instigated by Joitske Hulsebosch, which got me writing again (no mean feat these days).  She’s exploring «dysfunctionality symptoms» in communities of practice. Indeed I expect Joitske’s work with it will result in something very interesting, but meanwhile here’s the last answer I wrote, slightly aliterated and … Sigue leyendo

Last from the beach: Forrester collaboration reports for free, sundry thoughts

At the end of August, the Spanish beaches become deserted of working-age natives: all trundle back to jobs and desks (if lucky) in their disparate, beach-less cities. All? No. A small Armorican village, that is a small number of us stretch out the holidays among Spanish and French pensioners and the odd Brit. Things slow … Sigue leyendo

Business models, project management, and growing communities of practice

Almost in-vitro CoPs. And I don’t mean CoPs for reproductive health :-). Not that it’d be a bad idea. But to the point. Recently I’ve had reason to give a lot of thought to CoP-fostering as a whole, and as a managed process. Picture this. You are an organization that is somewhat removed from the … Sigue leyendo

iPhone: a force for good or a time-sink?

I’m becoming concerned about my iPhone use. True, it’s a nice phone and PIM, and lets me handle my mail in a very confortable way. But just how much time am I burning on it? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t play games (well, two at Lux Touch and one run at Terminator LT surely … Sigue leyendo

Tradition and renewal in communities

If you don’t mind, I’ll deal with the subject through an inmediate example. These are interesting times at the Macuarium community system. Not quite in the chinese sense of the phrase, but sometimes close. To put it in a nutshell, we’re very large and growing larger. What started as a Mac support forum is now … Sigue leyendo

Using e-participation to define Europe

Well, sort of. This may be old news to people interested in e-particpation, but I just came across a relatively recent initiative by the Center for European Studies called «tellBarroso.eu«. As the name implies, it’s an attempt to glean the ideas and priorities of Europeans through a classic method: first, visitors are asked for their … Sigue leyendo

Webcast goodness (III): IdeaStorm, MyStarbucksIdea, and crowdsourcing in practice

This one is coming a close second on the week’s selection of webcasts, and indeed may be a nose ahead of Lithium’s. Two noses, in the long term. For all the hype (and the variety), practical crowdsourcing is usually implemented in two bits: a «suggestions» website that is essentially a specialised forum where people (the … Sigue leyendo

Webcast goodness (II): Jive, Forrester, Cisco and Nike on social business software

Last April 9th held two interesting webcasts; the first (Lithium’s) we commented yesterday and was extremely relevant for communities as a customer support tool in a business context. The second was hosted by community software (sorry, social business software) vendors Jive Software and was more diffuse, centering mostly on general ideas and marketing uses. One … Sigue leyendo

Webcast goodness (I): Lithium on support community ROI

Hmm, gotta be brief but can’t help commenting the great job done by community vendor (they do it SaaS) Lithium with today’s webcast. First, because it puts the finger on the spot: communities as a business tool with an impact on real business issues (cost of support). Indeed, they used a key slide that’s a … Sigue leyendo

Communities, e-participation, crowdsourcing, innovation, selling content: variegated links

These days I’ve collected an outsized collection of vaguely related links that I wanted to explore in more depth or are noticeworthy for some other reason. Some of them bear keeping after perusal, and some are in English. And I always wanted to use that «variegated» word. Innovation, crowdsourcing and predictive markets. It’s become an … Sigue leyendo