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Estudio “Comunidades Online 2009”: en marcha

Con unas cuantas horas de retraso, por fin se abre oficialmente la toma de datos de este Estudio. Si llevas una comunidad, si trabajas con una comunidad, estás cordialmente invitado a participar en ella (haciendo click aquí). Son apenas cinco minutos, como mucho, y los resultados merecen la pena. ¿Porqué lo se? Porque llevamos una … Sigue leyendo

Gartner and Forrester on collaboration

This month promises to be interesting in more ways than expected. Starting on November 18th, my people at the company I work for can expect some nuggets of wisdom from approved sources :-). In short, on November 18th we’ll have a face-to-face (or face-to-teleconference for some) with Gartner’s research director Nikos Drakos on «Social networks, … Sigue leyendo

CPSquare’s Long Live the Platform Conference report

And while we’re out there reading a bit (not for much longer today). I just came across something that I already knew was out: the report on CPSquare’s latest conference, this time about the infrastructure needed to sustain community interactions (aka «the platform»). The report itself has interesting nuggets on the issue, but more on … Sigue leyendo

Matt Moore and talking about KM ROI

This is a very interesting set of slides. Not just because it does give a couple of inklings on how to build some business-relevant metrics, but also because it helps a lot to frame the question that needs to be answered, and gives some practical tips about the mindframe you need to be in… and … Sigue leyendo