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What’s a visionary? Working definition and career roadmap.

«Visionary», like «entrepreneur», have become adjectives of praise instead of descriptions of activity. In other words, meaningless. Visionary was Jobs, OK. So what else can you say to define one, in a working way? How can you tell a «visionary» from a «self-appointed prophet» or a «fad loudmouth»? How can you become one? Eric Ries … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM 2: paper finished at last

Well, it had to happen :-). After many months of rewriting and peer-reviewing (and enough version shenanigans to discredit me as a document manager), the paper is done. For quite a while now, I’ve felt that most business managers were not getting a clear message about knowledge management. There is a lot of academic debate … Sigue leyendo

New business models

As I set out to write part two of «Visions of KM in practice«, I think I’ll start with the acknowledgements. This piece by JP Rangaswami (CIO and visionary) includes, together with many other sensible things, a nice sum-up of management principles that need to be taken into account in modern firms. Two snips: «As … Sigue leyendo