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On the future of publishing and sundry other thoughts, mostly related

Llega un punto en la vida de un hombre en el que te encuentras con dos ventanas de Chrome permanentemente abiertas, y literalmente 37 pestañas sólo en la primera de ellas. Aparte de un ejemplo de estabilidad y buen uso de memoria por parte de la aplicación, significa que hay demasiadas cosas pendientes de bloguear. … Sigue leyendo

Facebook as a business: income, identity and competition

Can’t be helped. The subject is so omnipresent it came up during a lunch with parents of my son’s schoolmates, none of them either financier or technologist. Not quite Rockefeller’s alarm sign, but significant. Is Facebook worth it? Well, IMHO, yes and no. It will probably not be a bad investment in the short and … Sigue leyendo

Dysfunctionality: CoPs going adrift

There’s a very interesting thread going on at Com-Prac, instigated by Joitske Hulsebosch, which got me writing again (no mean feat these days).  She’s exploring «dysfunctionality symptoms» in communities of practice. Indeed I expect Joitske’s work with it will result in something very interesting, but meanwhile here’s the last answer I wrote, slightly aliterated and … Sigue leyendo

Business models, project management, and growing communities of practice

Almost in-vitro CoPs. And I don’t mean CoPs for reproductive health :-). Not that it’d be a bad idea. But to the point. Recently I’ve had reason to give a lot of thought to CoP-fostering as a whole, and as a managed process. Picture this. You are an organization that is somewhat removed from the … Sigue leyendo

Estudio “Comunidades Online 2009”: en marcha

Con unas cuantas horas de retraso, por fin se abre oficialmente la toma de datos de este Estudio. Si llevas una comunidad, si trabajas con una comunidad, estás cordialmente invitado a participar en ella (haciendo click aquí). Son apenas cinco minutos, como mucho, y los resultados merecen la pena. ¿Porqué lo se? Porque llevamos una … Sigue leyendo

Webcast goodness (III): IdeaStorm, MyStarbucksIdea, and crowdsourcing in practice

This one is coming a close second on the week’s selection of webcasts, and indeed may be a nose ahead of Lithium’s. Two noses, in the long term. For all the hype (and the variety), practical crowdsourcing is usually implemented in two bits: a «suggestions» website that is essentially a specialised forum where people (the … Sigue leyendo

Links from all over the place (II)

The second installment, with still several many more notes to share… As mentioned earlier, I’m again working at building a consulting offering. I don’t really expect my employer to wake up to it… but it will come in useful anyhow. This should explain the age and drift in some the links picked up in the … Sigue leyendo

Avoiding spam in online communities: a housework chore, no magic wand

A couple of weeks ago there was an extremely interesting short discussion over at OnFac mailing list. It dealt with techniques to avoid external spamming, especially in online bulletin board systems (forums). Nancy White attempted to capture it, but as yet it’s not been done. Besides sharing experiences on the effectivenes of email verification (to … Sigue leyendo

Mimetic conflict in online communities?

A certain thread initiated by Zbigniew Lukasiak at On-Fac mailing list got my wheels grounding. He’s mentioned the theories of French anthropologist Rene Girard as relevant to the social setting of online communities. While those theories are many and require books to explain, there is a core called «mimetic conflict» positing that the desirability of something comes … Sigue leyendo

iSimulate and the golden rules for building CoPs

The World Bank’s latest online tool is looking great. More specifically, it looks like an impressive bait for the macroeconomist in the wild (or in business, or in academia). I’ve just taken it, hook and all, and look forward to the account activation. But let’s stick to the topic. Thanks to a message by Gauresh … Sigue leyendo

Living rules for a Community of Practice

Not long ago I commented here that a user-driven effort to suggest improvements at the Macuarium forums was producing some great ideas. One of them was to design a very simplified, very straightforward version of the rules or terms of use, something that would avoid most of the moderation friction due to ignorance (following the … Sigue leyendo

Author vs community (II): Hostage taking and reaction

Some of you may have read a previous post about a user who was erasing messages on the Macuarium boards, and the debate that arose among facilitators. Indeed, some of the comments were prescient. Here is the story of what happened afterwards. Long, twisty and debatable, as it is a raw account and not a … Sigue leyendo

Reporting: collected community managers interviews

There is this itch: I sometimes feel that living in Spain instead of some more densely-populated haunt of online community practitioners (say London or the US West Coast), not to mention working for a [censored] employer, might possibly be depriving me of the opportunity to talk and share ideas with some  interesting people. Not that … Sigue leyendo

Authors rights and common work: an ethical conundrum

Here’s a practical question for those of you who know or manage communities, especially those that actually produce «knowledge objects» worth mentioning. Picture this. A conversation starts (a forum thread). Several dozen people participate. The result is a hugely interesting and professionally valuable piece of text, tens of pages long, written during months of exchange. … Sigue leyendo

Network and community: related but not the same

A short while ago I was quoting Valdis Krebs’ piece on the SNA-derived picture of a community (the highly networked core, the isolated periphery). As I said, it highlighted a lot of things and helped to tell parts of the story… but it was not the whole story. The reason is simple: as the very … Sigue leyendo

Community depredation and the dregs of Internet

Hello again. It’s been a busy time. Not just with the holiday presents (as you know, Spanish holidays extend to Jan 6th with the feast of the Three Wise Men). We’ve had a happily-resolved, but nevertheless very revolting clash with the worst type of Internet denizen. We’re still digesting the event but there are a … Sigue leyendo

Outsource thyself

What happens when you develop new business competences through your side interests, competences that are not related to your employer’s range of services? Well, you either leave the company, or waste those competences… or convice your boss to widen that range of services a bit. In other words, if you happen to need a consultant … Sigue leyendo

Vanitas vanitatis… or is it something else?

Sometimes it may seem that the relevant part of knowledge management (or plain old management) is design and strategy. OK, so it’s crucial, but it’s not enough: the core of it all, the differential, is still in people management. Understanding, dealing with, managing their motivations. Your team, your partners, you name it. And also, those … Sigue leyendo

The Economics Nobel prize and Communities of Practice

Talking about images I like… you may have read here mentions to «changing the landscape» to favour a desired result by making it natural for CoP participants to behave in the way you want. In practice, you can’t forbid things that people want to do (and still keep them happy and active), and if you … Sigue leyendo

Sand castles and evolution management

Last night Josien Kapma and John Smith phoned in for a conversation, as part of their effort to catalogue and understand the ways communities raise and use financial resources; I’ll be looking forward to the results. We talked mainly about Macuarium.com, which has a peculiar business model, and we meandered a bit along the way. … Sigue leyendo