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Open, social, and community-driven: ideas and fads for 2013

It’s been a few years since TIME magazine decided the «person of the year» were the people, in their online communities. We’ve come a long way both in usage and in public awareness. So much so that it’s hard to point at what has become of it. New technologies, business models and management fads have … Sigue leyendo

(2004 post) Friendship versus objectivity in KM

That was the title. The subtitle was «The challenge of sustainable socialisation». It was published in the Knowledgeboard on the 24th of September 2004, and it started a very nice conversation (there, and in the old KB forums). It was kindly republished on the magazine of a consultants’ association which I can’t find now (with the … Sigue leyendo

Estudio “Comunidades Online 2009”: en marcha

Con unas cuantas horas de retraso, por fin se abre oficialmente la toma de datos de este Estudio. Si llevas una comunidad, si trabajas con una comunidad, estás cordialmente invitado a participar en ella (haciendo click aquí). Son apenas cinco minutos, como mucho, y los resultados merecen la pena. ¿Porqué lo se? Porque llevamos una … Sigue leyendo

Compartim: an example of high-intensity community of practice in the public service

This post is part-payment for help received :-). Late this week I was lucky enough to address the annual gathering of the Programa Compartim (the «We share» programme) of the Justice Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The Generalitat is a government body with a very large degree of autonomy and authority on most public … Sigue leyendo

Arise, public servants (or at least participate)

No, it’s not the revolution, yet. It’s just an open question. I’ve been kindly asked to speak at a training event for a group of local government public servants. They happen to be among the people with more experience in the field of communities of practice in the public sector in Spain, and they want … Sigue leyendo

LinkedIn, knowledge networks and a nice dinner

As you probably know (and has already probably been announced as scheduled) LinkedIn will be launching localised versions of its professional networking portal in several European countries. One of them is Spain. Kevin Eyres, their (Texan) manager for the continent, has been talking about it in Madrid these days with his (Mexican) marketing and PR … Sigue leyendo

John Smith and CoP implication

On a thread started by Hildy Gottlieb over at Com-Prac this week, John Smith returned something that’s both thought-provoking and powerfully put, quoting a very old text: «[A man must reside in a town] thirty days to become liable for contributing to the soup kitchen, three months for the charity box, six months for the … Sigue leyendo

Rethinking social networks (II): the community core

This is the continuation of an article on the nature of online social networking services and their likely evolution (the result of too much time spent analysing them and designing one). In the previous article, I was forward enough to propose a definition of them as: «permission-based mutual awareness and communication services. They allow us … Sigue leyendo

Author vs community (II): Hostage taking and reaction

Some of you may have read a previous post about a user who was erasing messages on the Macuarium boards, and the debate that arose among facilitators. Indeed, some of the comments were prescient. Here is the story of what happened afterwards. Long, twisty and debatable, as it is a raw account and not a … Sigue leyendo

Authors rights and common work: an ethical conundrum

Here’s a practical question for those of you who know or manage communities, especially those that actually produce «knowledge objects» worth mentioning. Picture this. A conversation starts (a forum thread). Several dozen people participate. The result is a hugely interesting and professionally valuable piece of text, tens of pages long, written during months of exchange. … Sigue leyendo

«Volunteer magnet», a book of sense

Thanks to Rosanna Tarsiero I’ve just come accross «Volunteer magnet», a book that’s as peculiar as practical for people who work with any type of volunteers. The title is very descriptive, and the authors’ presentation is a good introduction: Turn Your Organisation Into a Volunteer Magnet is a knowledge-sharing initiative within the international community of … Sigue leyendo

Vanitas vanitatis… or is it something else?

Sometimes it may seem that the relevant part of knowledge management (or plain old management) is design and strategy. OK, so it’s crucial, but it’s not enough: the core of it all, the differential, is still in people management. Understanding, dealing with, managing their motivations. Your team, your partners, you name it. And also, those … Sigue leyendo

«Different knowledge, different benefits»: almost, but no cigar.

This friday I commented on a Knowledge@Wharton article that presented the study «Different knowledge, different benefits: toward a productivity perspective on knowledge sharing in organizations» by Martine R Haas and Morten T. Hansen. It’s evident that I didn’t either share the study’s conclusions or appreciate their presentation, but after such a rant, I had to … Sigue leyendo

The Economics Nobel prize and Communities of Practice

Talking about images I like… you may have read here mentions to «changing the landscape» to favour a desired result by making it natural for CoP participants to behave in the way you want. In practice, you can’t forbid things that people want to do (and still keep them happy and active), and if you … Sigue leyendo

Sand castles and evolution management

Last night Josien Kapma and John Smith phoned in for a conversation, as part of their effort to catalogue and understand the ways communities raise and use financial resources; I’ll be looking forward to the results. We talked mainly about Macuarium.com, which has a peculiar business model, and we meandered a bit along the way. … Sigue leyendo

The law and online Communities of Practice

One of the uncommon characteristics of Macuarium (my little consulting company and the mothership of a few sites and forums) is that it incorporates a legal department right from its inception. Sure, the reason is that the other partner is a lawyer with an interest in the Internet… but also, that I’ve always believed in … Sigue leyendo

The ActKM Conference papers are online (and I didn’t know)

Well, they’re online since the 25th, but as you know I’ve been out of orbit. According to the attendants, this was the best conference organised by the Australian association yet. They sound impressed, and they’re a good reference. And now they’ve posted the presentations and materials. Specifically, here. They had so much traffic that their … Sigue leyendo

Fernando Tellado y las emociones en la red

Decíamos ayer que el tema de la «amistad» y las relaciones online está ahora mismo causando un cierto interés. Y aquí tenemos una serie de reflexiones relevantes no sólo para éso sino (mucho más) para cualquier persona interesada en la gestión de comunidades y equipos complejos en ese entorno. Puedo certificar que vienen de la … Sigue leyendo

Open community model

By the bye, if you have a second to spare this Sunday, you could do worse than read Ed’s write up of Unicom’s Social Tools conference. Besides links to very interesting presentations, he allows a minute for discussing the current tendency of some to mix communities and network concepts and arrive at wrong consequences. I’d … Sigue leyendo

The KB on practical methods for knowledge sharing

Thanks to Ed Mitchell’s tip and blog post I was reminded of the latest free e-book produced by the Knowledgeboard. This year’s crop of practical stories and methods (Hands-on knowledge co-creation and sharing – Practical methods and techniques), highly reccomendable as a read and maybe even as a referece is already available for download here … Sigue leyendo