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McAfee, Davenport, and missing the point (2.0)

Back when emekáeme was young (well, yes, that was not quite long ago) I quoted Tom Davenport in an article that tried to deflate the «web-2.0-technology-will-change-the-word,-save-the-whales,-and-eradicate-alopecia» camp, a position defended by his fellow professor Andrew McAfee (with a somewhat better argumentation, granted), by stressing that people and organisations change more slowly than the web gets … Sigue leyendo

Web 2.0 to transform the enterprise. Or not.

Today’s Web 2.0 day, apparently: the topic is all over the place. But this time it’s even more relevant than in previous posts. The backlash has begun. Tom Davenport is one of the most influential business writers of the last years. He’s got the ear of organizations and the educational establishment. And he’s just published … Sigue leyendo