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Knowledge management, social media, male pregnancies, ebooks. And Lenin.

While clearing the clutter in the blogroll (and doing some coincidental browsing) I came across some interesting tidbits: Nancy White’s finally announces the book Digital Habitats (cowritten with Etienne Wenger and John Smith has turned into an eBook (available for Kindle). After tinkering with iBooks Author for an hour this weeked I had a more … Sigue leyendo

Two million messages

Yep, you heard well. This afternoon the Macuarium CoP system gathered its two-millionth message :-). This is being a very significant month (and there’s more news coming). Still, I’m not especially impressed by the number of posts. It’s not an essential metric. We do have a high participation rate and all that, much higher than … Sigue leyendo

Leaderless communities?

One of the key tenets of the Macuarium community management philosophy is that a community with a focal point (i.e. some sort of persistent leadership) gets more things done and is a more effective learning and sharing platform. So, to an extent, we try to manage them so that three things coincide: The informal network. … Sigue leyendo