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Tradition and renewal in communities

If you don’t mind, I’ll deal with the subject through an inmediate example. These are interesting times at the Macuarium community system. Not quite in the chinese sense of the phrase, but sometimes close. To put it in a nutshell, we’re very large and growing larger. What started as a Mac support forum is now … Sigue leyendo

Harvesting the community: a Holy Grail tool… built.

Well, this is the kind of news I really didn’t dream of having. If you’re into communities at all, you have probably often run into the problem of «reification»: how to pick the relevant, interesting conversations in a forum or list, select the pieces among the stream, graft them, and make a coherent article or … Sigue leyendo

Forum communities vs social software

Well, who’d have guessed. While looking for a software fix, I landed on Matt Mecham’s blog and his unscripted rant about the difference between forums and social networks. Which, unsurprisingly, I mostly agree with. BTW, Mr Mecham’s the lead developer of my current bulletin board sofware of choice. He sees social networks as pervasive (everyone’s … Sigue leyendo

Windows into communities: conversations and the «dynamic community» concept

I’m up to the ears in work these days and posting a bit slowly, but I don’t want to forget about this piece. Eric Hoffer has come, from a semantic web perspective, to an interesting issue. Or two. The first is technology. He outlines a vision where he can gather the threads of relevant conversations … Sigue leyendo

Content co-creation: the relevance of the deal

You may have noticed that the Wikipedia, one of the most visible results of «content co-creation», is running  a fund raising campaign. What you may not be aware of are the reasons that make Wikipedia averse to using more conventional financing means such as advertising. They are explained here, complete with a brief mention of … Sigue leyendo

Blogs and communities (II): resistance and collaboration

(This is a draft version, comments and criticism most welcome). Blogs have had a serious impact on communities all over the world. They have been the subject of debate – as both tools and nemesis of communities based on older resources such as forums and mailing lists. They have been criticised as community killers and … Sigue leyendo

Blogs as community killers?

Here is an experiment. For some years, I’ve been witness and part of an interesting debate (at Knowledgeboard, at Macuarium, at…) about the role of blogs in communities. Some say blogs help to build them and spawn interesting content and discussions; some say it deprives the community of a nucleus of shared conversations and thus … Sigue leyendo