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McKinsey y el nuevo gobierno: pistas prácticas para todos

No, no es que opinen sobre la segunda venida de Obama. Ni siquiera hablan estrictamente de política: hablan de «cómo hacer» lo que proceda. Traduciendo, acaban de publicar los resultados de una iniciativa que ha reunido a muchos de los pensadores y actores más relevantes en el proceso de reimaginación y reconstrucción de la actividad … Sigue leyendo

What’s a visionary? Working definition and career roadmap.

«Visionary», like «entrepreneur», have become adjectives of praise instead of descriptions of activity. In other words, meaningless. Visionary was Jobs, OK. So what else can you say to define one, in a working way? How can you tell a «visionary» from a «self-appointed prophet» or a «fad loudmouth»? How can you become one? Eric Ries … Sigue leyendo

«Inside Apple» vs the «Valve Handbook for new Employees»: two types of emergent vision

There are companies that seem to stand out by design: they do things differently, and achieve more than the competition. This kind of advantage seldom lasts (usually either through imitation or because of market changes that render it less effective) but on occasion they are dyed in the wool, and survive long enough to be … Sigue leyendo

Apple, innovation, imperfect markets and the role of standards in competition

The business of businesses is achieving differentiation. For a good reason. This (almost off-the-cuff) article sketches something I’d like to gather serious data about. Not just anecdotal evidence but serious econometric-scale data. On the other hand, it seems plainly observable. The gist (or summary) is this: When looking at the value chain that delivers a … Sigue leyendo

Webcast goodness (III): IdeaStorm, MyStarbucksIdea, and crowdsourcing in practice

This one is coming a close second on the week’s selection of webcasts, and indeed may be a nose ahead of Lithium’s. Two noses, in the long term. For all the hype (and the variety), practical crowdsourcing is usually implemented in two bits: a «suggestions» website that is essentially a specialised forum where people (the … Sigue leyendo

Links from all over the place (I)

These days, I’ve been picking a lot of interesting references for too many things, and not been able to post them (or in many cases even to visit the links until days later). This is a small part of the collection. Working at community building. Thanks to e-mint (mainly) I picked or re-found some interesting … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM 2: paper finished at last

Well, it had to happen :-). After many months of rewriting and peer-reviewing (and enough version shenanigans to discredit me as a document manager), the paper is done. For quite a while now, I’ve felt that most business managers were not getting a clear message about knowledge management. There is a lot of academic debate … Sigue leyendo

Tag surfing for KM

Every once in a while I can find the time to use WordPress’ excellent tag surfing system, that showcases the latests posts in WordPress blogs for selected tags. I’m sorry to admit that I hardly do RSS reading, for my peace of mind :-). Too many angles to track. So today I went fishing for … Sigue leyendo

Content co-creation: the relevance of the deal

You may have noticed that the Wikipedia, one of the most visible results of «content co-creation», is running  a fund raising campaign. What you may not be aware of are the reasons that make Wikipedia averse to using more conventional financing means such as advertising. They are explained here, complete with a brief mention of … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM 2: another draft

This is one paper that is taking its time :-). It is the second installment of (hopefully) a series of documents attempting to explain the specific relevance and implications of knowledge management to different roles of professionals, providing some common ground. The first one attempted to summarise the matter for IT professionals; the second aimed … Sigue leyendo

Unsupervised oracles

For some reason, I’m reading and listening with increasing interest about the stories of entrepreneurs… and I thought I’d share two tidbits. One is the Stanford’s Educator’s Corner, a beautiful resource for podcasts of interesting people talking to large (and mostly student) audiences, and then involving in questions and answers. Many good ideas and stories … Sigue leyendo

The Economics Nobel prize and Communities of Practice

Talking about images I like… you may have read here mentions to «changing the landscape» to favour a desired result by making it natural for CoP participants to behave in the way you want. In practice, you can’t forbid things that people want to do (and still keep them happy and active), and if you … Sigue leyendo

Sand castles and evolution management

Last night Josien Kapma and John Smith phoned in for a conversation, as part of their effort to catalogue and understand the ways communities raise and use financial resources; I’ll be looking forward to the results. We talked mainly about Macuarium.com, which has a peculiar business model, and we meandered a bit along the way. … Sigue leyendo

Provocative thoughts on innovation

An old hand at innovation, Alan Kay (who used to hail from Xerox PARC), gave a talk at CIO 08 – The year ahead. And JP Rangaswami was there to pick some of the most provocative nuggets and put a bit of context (and critical judgement). I’m linking to the page with comments and not … Sigue leyendo

Product co-creation, from myth to fact

Yep. We’re talking product, not content. A stray message from MyCustomer (a subscription from a past, e-CRM oriented era) shines the light on the way Electrolux is using outsiders, specifically university students, to come up with innovative designs (the article is here). The way they do it is essentially a publicity stunt, but it seems … Sigue leyendo

The ActKM Conference papers are online (and I didn’t know)

Well, they’re online since the 25th, but as you know I’ve been out of orbit. According to the attendants, this was the best conference organised by the Australian association yet. They sound impressed, and they’re a good reference. And now they’ve posted the presentations and materials. Specifically, here. They had so much traffic that their … Sigue leyendo

Open community model

By the bye, if you have a second to spare this Sunday, you could do worse than read Ed’s write up of Unicom’s Social Tools conference. Besides links to very interesting presentations, he allows a minute for discussing the current tendency of some to mix communities and network concepts and arrive at wrong consequences. I’d … Sigue leyendo

The KB on practical methods for knowledge sharing

Thanks to Ed Mitchell’s tip and blog post I was reminded of the latest free e-book produced by the Knowledgeboard. This year’s crop of practical stories and methods (Hands-on knowledge co-creation and sharing – Practical methods and techniques), highly reccomendable as a read and maybe even as a referece is already available for download here … Sigue leyendo

An insight into Boeing’s KM initiatives

Courtesy of Seth Kahan, as published at com-prac… and really worth a look as it gives a (not overly detailed) view of their KM vision and activities. It seems to be their in-house magazine: Here is the cover story of Boeing Frontiers, about KM, available online: http://www.boeing.com/news/frontiers/cover.pdf Website is here: http://www.boeing.com/news/frontiers/index.html CoPs are mentioned. Not … Sigue leyendo

The unbearable weight of web 2.0

To be precise: the weight given to web 2.0-related criteria in today’s online world. It’s a bit disappointing, but there it is. For instance, take the Macuarium flagship site, Macuarium.com. It’s got a Technorati authority ranking of 90-odd. I mean, for goodness sake, there’s half-year blogs with a higher rating :-). Macuarium.com accounts for over … Sigue leyendo