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Knowledge management, social media, male pregnancies, ebooks. And Lenin.

While clearing the clutter in the blogroll (and doing some coincidental browsing) I came across some interesting tidbits: Nancy White’s finally announces the book Digital Habitats (cowritten with Etienne Wenger and John Smith has turned into an eBook (available for Kindle). After tinkering with iBooks Author for an hour this weeked I had a more … Sigue leyendo

Repasos y relecturas por la web

Después de meses sin apenas escribir  (y sin leer tampoco la mitad de lo que quisiera) las cosas vuelven a moverse. Algunas cosas interesantes con las que he tropezado estos días: Por indicación de un tercero (que sabe de lo que habla) he buscado las presentaciones de Pere Rosales sobre márketing y comunidades online. En … Sigue leyendo

Dysfunctionality: CoPs going adrift

There’s a very interesting thread going on at Com-Prac, instigated by Joitske Hulsebosch, which got me writing again (no mean feat these days).  She’s exploring «dysfunctionality symptoms» in communities of practice. Indeed I expect Joitske’s work with it will result in something very interesting, but meanwhile here’s the last answer I wrote, slightly aliterated and … Sigue leyendo