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Motorola + Google = iPhone envy?

I just had the opportunity to pen a piece on the matter at Macuarium.com and couldn’t resist to comment on some of the issues involved: the business model angle is too interesting. Google alleges that the Motorola acquisition will allow it to defend Android against legal challenges based on intellectual property rights. This could be … Sigue leyendo

Open Source and the real thing: Windows in China

Thanks to those MS-fans at TechRepublic, I’ve found a quite interesting piece by Fortune writer David Kirkpatrick, who went with Gates on a business diplomacy tour a few weeks ago. Below layers of gossipy adulation there is real journalism and a good analysis, put with Gate’s own words: Today Gates openly concedes that tolerating piracy … Sigue leyendo

Joomla 1.5 and the limits of open source development

All this buzz about networking and conversational tools (forum, blogs, affinity trackers…) make us lose sight of a fundamental piece of the social software game: the portals. Indeed, most of the flashy tidbits that make web 2.0 visible to the commentariat are but icing on the cake of solid, businesslike applications that get the real … Sigue leyendo