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«Different knowledge, different benefits»: almost, but no cigar.

This friday I commented on a Knowledge@Wharton article that presented the study «Different knowledge, different benefits: toward a productivity perspective on knowledge sharing in organizations» by Martine R Haas and Morten T. Hansen. It’s evident that I didn’t either share the study’s conclusions or appreciate their presentation, but after such a rant, I had to … Sigue leyendo

Gartner on collaboration tools – full Magic Quadrant report

Gartner’s Team Collaboration ans Social Software «Magic Quadrant» report is online, made available free courtesy of SocialText: The report is useful. It’s plain Gartner can’t find a homogenous set of tools, but at long last it seems to have figured they all are part of a coherent market for a single set of needs. … Sigue leyendo

The law and online Communities of Practice

One of the uncommon characteristics of Macuarium (my little consulting company and the mothership of a few sites and forums) is that it incorporates a legal department right from its inception. Sure, the reason is that the other partner is a lawyer with an interest in the Internet… but also, that I’ve always believed in … Sigue leyendo

Gestión del Conocimiento en España (VI)

Bueno, ya estamos de vuelta. Después de una semana y media en Sevilla, aprendiendo sobre una interesante empresa química, por fin tengo un rato para intentar ponerme un poco al día. La pena es que no haya sido antes, porque la semana pasada podía haber sido aún más interesante. Como muestra: Jueves 25 de Octubre. … Sigue leyendo

An insight into Boeing’s KM initiatives

Courtesy of Seth Kahan, as published at com-prac… and really worth a look as it gives a (not overly detailed) view of their KM vision and activities. It seems to be their in-house magazine: Here is the cover story of Boeing Frontiers, about KM, available online: http://www.boeing.com/news/frontiers/cover.pdf Website is here: http://www.boeing.com/news/frontiers/index.html CoPs are mentioned. Not … Sigue leyendo

An impressive document trove

During a very nice, quiet thread over at com-prac, one member (A J Christopher) dropped the URL of a document repository as a reference for CoP and team building… … and, as another member was quick to spot, it’s indeed a trove of good practical literature on project management and knowledge sharing. Lots of perspectives, … Sigue leyendo

With the slandering populace

Nancy White shared a snippet and link on Friday (over at On-Fac mailing list) that’s worth commenting. http://www.theage.com.au/news/web/firm-sues-forum-to-silence-critics/2007/09/12/1189276778252.html Apparently a software firm down under (2Clix) is suing a forum where its products were being subject to very harsh criticism by many users. 2Clix claim to have asked the site to retire the offending posts, and … Sigue leyendo

Gestión del conocimiento en España (V)

Aprovechando que abrimos curso, vamos a ver lo que se mueve. En primer lugar, los materiales de Nancy White y sus diapositivas (borrador) para la presentación dada en Bogotá el 18 de Agosto pasado sobre Comunidades de Práctica y del conocimiento. Lástima de grabación :-), pero la presentación está muy bien documentada y toca muchos … Sigue leyendo

Post-vacational reading

Well… it had to happen. I’m back from the beach and there’s broadband and time to idle (well, not so much, these are the first ten minutes I can grab since yesterday morning :-)). So here’s a recap of interesting reading done while clearing back email. Hope you find it as interesting as myself. Open … Sigue leyendo

Roundup of KM links for Monday

After a week of writing proposals and a weekend of herding my sister-in-law’s potential parents-in-law around Madrid’s sights and watering holes (how do we ever get dragged into these things :-)), I’m enjoying my last two days before holidays. Hardly any work at the office, peace at the communities, not even too much heath for … Sigue leyendo

Ain’t it sad

Some years ago (not too many) some friends and I devoted quite a lot of time to working at an European Union project called Knowledgeboard.com (aka «the KB«). We posted messages, hosted conversations, kick-started events, and generally contributed ideas, suggestions and papers. Time goes on. Most of them don’t have any contact with the KB. … Sigue leyendo

Roundup of blogs and ideas

Today’s Friday, and the reviews of the latest paper are taking their time (as well they should :-)) so I thought it’d be nice to go for a little browsing to pick ideas for the weeked. The results: Through Anedote’s blog, we find this multi-authored podcast with tips and ideas from David Maister, about «managing … Sigue leyendo

Gestión del conocimiento en español (Apéndice)

Dentro de los posts sobre la gestión del conocimiento entre los Pirineos y el norte de Africa (más islas y territorios, menos Portugal de momento), hoy toca hacer un aparte para mencionar la búsqueda que Nancy White está haciendo para localizar recursos en español, sean de donde sean. Eso me ha llevado a encontrar el … Sigue leyendo

Nancy White on technology and communities

It’s not the first time, but this particular set of slides she’s just announced on the OnFac list are filled with though-provoking ideas and images. The slides are evidently designed as background for an extensive spoken explanation. If we had the comments, some of those thoughts would doubtlessly be clearer. But that’s the problem with … Sigue leyendo

Price-fixing and communities of practice

There’s a nice mailing list called «OnFac» (for «On Facilitation») where there is some exchange of opinions related to community facilitation. It does not often deal with communities of practice, and it’s not my favourite lurking-ground, but some nuggets do crop up. This week there was an exchange that ended thus: On 21/06/07, Elissa Perry … Sigue leyendo

How do conversations start: role of catalysts

Over at com-prac, there’s less activity than usual. This could be because of the Setúbal dialog (keeping some members busy offline) or for any other reason; usually the list is not exactly buzzing with traffic. That got me thinking on the role of «core members» in starting conversations. And I don’t mean «core» as in … Sigue leyendo

Dave Pollard’s 2006 communication tool decision tree

Thanks to a mention by Ed Mitchell at com-prac I’ve come across an old (2006 :-)) piece at Dave Pollard’s blog. Beyond the details and comments (which are most valuable), the logic for each step of the decision tree is quite solid. So if you’re having to explain (or make) tool and channel choices, or … Sigue leyendo

Comparing community tools: the Pentagrafos

A conversation at com-prac has brought back some memories. Quite a few years ago, when I was first trying to formalise what we learned at Macuarium for use beyond our forums (and specifically at Knowledgeboard.com), we attempted to do a community-tool evaluation mechanism that allowed for sensible comparison. The result was the Pentagrafos project, which … Sigue leyendo

Community versus organization: drawing blood

I just wrote this message to a list-colleage… and it seems right to share it :-). To give some perspective, she calls «community» the group of people you aim and want to help; and she calls «organization» the team that run the helping: in emekaeme parlance, the «management of the resource». Also, the changes that … Sigue leyendo

Blogs and communities (II): resistance and collaboration

(This is a draft version, comments and criticism most welcome). Blogs have had a serious impact on communities all over the world. They have been the subject of debate – as both tools and nemesis of communities based on older resources such as forums and mailing lists. They have been criticised as community killers and … Sigue leyendo