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Knowledge management, social media, male pregnancies, ebooks. And Lenin.

While clearing the clutter in the blogroll (and doing some coincidental browsing) I came across some interesting tidbits: Nancy White’s finally announces the book Digital Habitats (cowritten with Etienne Wenger and John Smith has turned into an eBook (available for Kindle). After tinkering with iBooks Author for an hour this weeked I had a more … Sigue leyendo

Jive SBS 3.0: «marketplace» is the new «community»

Otherwise it looks a great product. Excuse me, I should start at the beginning. I’ve been doing a roundup and tyre-kicking of community platforms, for several reasons. My favourite in the enterprise-class group has long been Jive Software, which as commented here has just experienced a product version change of a substantial type. Indeed it’s … Sigue leyendo

Social network building and the bootstrap business model

Yes, I realize the title is a bit on the abstruse side. Please bear with me :-). Picture this. You own a web property that is occupied by a thriving system of online communities.  They are focused on very specific areas, share some synergies, and combine serious support and professional practice with a more leisurely, … Sigue leyendo