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Knowledge management, social media, male pregnancies, ebooks. And Lenin.

While clearing the clutter in the blogroll (and doing some coincidental browsing) I came across some interesting tidbits: Nancy White’s finally announces the book Digital Habitats (cowritten with Etienne Wenger and John Smith has turned into an eBook (available for Kindle). After tinkering with iBooks Author for an hour this weeked I had a more … Sigue leyendo

Matt Moore and talking about KM ROI

This is a very interesting set of slides. Not just because it does give a couple of inklings on how to build some business-relevant metrics, but also because it helps a lot to frame the question that needs to be answered, and gives some practical tips about the mindframe you need to be in… and … Sigue leyendo

Normas vivas para una comunidad de práctica

En un tema en el que se están debatiendo propuestas de mejora para el sistema de comunidades de Macuarium, los usuarios están trabajando en una versión sintetizada de las normas (algo que tiene mérito porque tenemos decenas de páginas al respecto). Es algo no solamente fundamental, sino también muy interesante porque resalta tanto los puntos … Sigue leyendo

Sneak peek at John and Nancy’s CoP course

Who said blog stats are not useful? Tracking back a logged visit to eme ká eme, guess what I just found: the Course on Virtual Communities at the Red Virtual de Tutores de Colombia. Starring Nancy White and John Smith, plus several local professors. They’re using Moodle, they’re halfway through the course… and you can … Sigue leyendo

Roundup of blogs and ideas

Today’s Friday, and the reviews of the latest paper are taking their time (as well they should :-)) so I thought it’d be nice to go for a little browsing to pick ideas for the weeked. The results: Through Anedote’s blog, we find this multi-authored podcast with tips and ideas from David Maister, about «managing … Sigue leyendo

Gestión del conocimiento en español (Apéndice)

Dentro de los posts sobre la gestión del conocimiento entre los Pirineos y el norte de Africa (más islas y territorios, menos Portugal de momento), hoy toca hacer un aparte para mencionar la búsqueda que Nancy White está haciendo para localizar recursos en español, sean de donde sean. Eso me ha llevado a encontrar el … Sigue leyendo

Nancy White on technology and communities

It’s not the first time, but this particular set of slides she’s just announced on the OnFac list are filled with though-provoking ideas and images. The slides are evidently designed as background for an extensive spoken explanation. If we had the comments, some of those thoughts would doubtlessly be clearer. But that’s the problem with … Sigue leyendo