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Open, social, and community-driven: ideas and fads for 2013

It’s been a few years since TIME magazine decided the «person of the year» were the people, in their online communities. We’ve come a long way both in usage and in public awareness. So much so that it’s hard to point at what has become of it. New technologies, business models and management fads have … Sigue leyendo

Proyectos para el nuevo año: curso de Community Management

Pecando de anglicismo, porque parece que el término se impone, lo diremos así. Pero de lo que se trata es de un curso sobre (en éste orden o cualquier otro) los temas siguientes: Intro: conceptos básicos. Comunidades, grupos, redes, social media, y sus elementos. Creación de valor mediante comunidades. Taxonomía de una comunidad: qué elementos … Sigue leyendo

Estudio Comunidades Online 2009: Informe disponible

Aprovechando que hoy lunes media España está de puente, vamos a dejar que se nos escape una noticia que lleva demasiado tiempo esperando. En concreto, desde finales de Noviembre. Hace semana y pico que la versión pública del informe del Estudio está terminada, paginada y verificada. Pero por distintas razones (generalmente relacionadas con los partners … Sigue leyendo

Repasos y relecturas por la web

Después de meses sin apenas escribir  (y sin leer tampoco la mitad de lo que quisiera) las cosas vuelven a moverse. Algunas cosas interesantes con las que he tropezado estos días: Por indicación de un tercero (que sabe de lo que habla) he buscado las presentaciones de Pere Rosales sobre márketing y comunidades online. En … Sigue leyendo

Several community events (with some Forrester added)

It’s a fact that Forrester has managed to establish some sort of dominance in the analysis of social media trends and technologies. Despite the departure of one of their most prominent names, the commercial side of it is running strong. This week was proof enough: two out of three, and new ideas running scarcer. Yesterday … Sigue leyendo

Business models, project management, and growing communities of practice

Almost in-vitro CoPs. And I don’t mean CoPs for reproductive health :-). Not that it’d be a bad idea. But to the point. Recently I’ve had reason to give a lot of thought to CoP-fostering as a whole, and as a managed process. Picture this. You are an organization that is somewhat removed from the … Sigue leyendo

Tradition and renewal in communities

If you don’t mind, I’ll deal with the subject through an inmediate example. These are interesting times at the Macuarium community system. Not quite in the chinese sense of the phrase, but sometimes close. To put it in a nutshell, we’re very large and growing larger. What started as a Mac support forum is now … Sigue leyendo

Estudio “Comunidades Online 2009”: en marcha

Con unas cuantas horas de retraso, por fin se abre oficialmente la toma de datos de este Estudio. Si llevas una comunidad, si trabajas con una comunidad, estás cordialmente invitado a participar en ella (haciendo click aquí). Son apenas cinco minutos, como mucho, y los resultados merecen la pena. ¿Porqué lo se? Porque llevamos una … Sigue leyendo

Webcast goodness (III): IdeaStorm, MyStarbucksIdea, and crowdsourcing in practice

This one is coming a close second on the week’s selection of webcasts, and indeed may be a nose ahead of Lithium’s. Two noses, in the long term. For all the hype (and the variety), practical crowdsourcing is usually implemented in two bits: a «suggestions» website that is essentially a specialised forum where people (the … Sigue leyendo

Webcast goodness (II): Jive, Forrester, Cisco and Nike on social business software

Last April 9th held two interesting webcasts; the first (Lithium’s) we commented yesterday and was extremely relevant for communities as a customer support tool in a business context. The second was hosted by community software (sorry, social business software) vendors Jive Software and was more diffuse, centering mostly on general ideas and marketing uses. One … Sigue leyendo

Communities, e-participation, crowdsourcing, innovation, selling content: variegated links

These days I’ve collected an outsized collection of vaguely related links that I wanted to explore in more depth or are noticeworthy for some other reason. Some of them bear keeping after perusal, and some are in English. And I always wanted to use that «variegated» word. Innovation, crowdsourcing and predictive markets. It’s become an … Sigue leyendo

Links from all over the place (I)

These days, I’ve been picking a lot of interesting references for too many things, and not been able to post them (or in many cases even to visit the links until days later). This is a small part of the collection. Working at community building. Thanks to e-mint (mainly) I picked or re-found some interesting … Sigue leyendo

Emergent leadership structures in online communities (early draft)

The following is a draft paper I’ve begun work on, although the perspective on the core issue has changed a bit in the last weeks… It should fit it with the rest of the work that you can find in the Papers section. Comments (about the interest -or lack thereof- of the subject, about the … Sigue leyendo

Viability of emergent organizations

Looking through old links, I’ve come across a couple of posts from Josien Kapma last June about the viability of emergent organizations (theory and means). They are worth a sedate read by anyone working in emergent «proto-organizations» such as online communities… especially when those communities start to sprout an ambition and a will to create … Sigue leyendo

LinkedIn, knowledge networks and a nice dinner

As you probably know (and has already probably been announced as scheduled) LinkedIn will be launching localised versions of its professional networking portal in several European countries. One of them is Spain. Kevin Eyres, their (Texan) manager for the continent, has been talking about it in Madrid these days with his (Mexican) marketing and PR … Sigue leyendo

Avoiding spam in online communities: a housework chore, no magic wand

A couple of weeks ago there was an extremely interesting short discussion over at OnFac mailing list. It dealt with techniques to avoid external spamming, especially in online bulletin board systems (forums). Nancy White attempted to capture it, but as yet it’s not been done. Besides sharing experiences on the effectivenes of email verification (to … Sigue leyendo

Rethinking social networks (II): the community core

This is the continuation of an article on the nature of online social networking services and their likely evolution (the result of too much time spent analysing them and designing one). In the previous article, I was forward enough to propose a definition of them as: «permission-based mutual awareness and communication services. They allow us … Sigue leyendo

iSimulate and the golden rules for building CoPs

The World Bank’s latest online tool is looking great. More specifically, it looks like an impressive bait for the macroeconomist in the wild (or in business, or in academia). I’ve just taken it, hook and all, and look forward to the account activation. But let’s stick to the topic. Thanks to a message by Gauresh … Sigue leyendo

Living rules for a Community of Practice

Not long ago I commented here that a user-driven effort to suggest improvements at the Macuarium forums was producing some great ideas. One of them was to design a very simplified, very straightforward version of the rules or terms of use, something that would avoid most of the moderation friction due to ignorance (following the … Sigue leyendo

Reporting: facilitation types according to Ed

OK, I confess I wasn’t writing so as to leave breathing space to the piece about author rights vs community rights :-). But I just can’t let this go by. Here is a very interesting and relevant post by Ed Mitchell (of KB fame, even if he’s now doing better things). He’s observed some very … Sigue leyendo