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Knowledge management, social media, male pregnancies, ebooks. And Lenin.

While clearing the clutter in the blogroll (and doing some coincidental browsing) I came across some interesting tidbits: Nancy White’s finally announces the book Digital Habitats (cowritten with Etienne Wenger and John Smith has turned into an eBook (available for Kindle). After tinkering with iBooks Author for an hour this weeked I had a more … Sigue leyendo

Notas fOSSa (I): Proyectos Open Source como preparación profesional

Como algunos saben (y otros han padecido) a finales de Octubre estuve en la reunión anual fOSSa, que los investigadores de INRIA esta vez se han llevado a Lyon. Estuve dando unas charlas sobre gestión de comunidades, aplicadas al entorno Open Source. Es un contexto en el que las comunidades tienen un papel enorme, y en … Sigue leyendo

Apple, innovation, imperfect markets and the role of standards in competition

The business of businesses is achieving differentiation. For a good reason. This (almost off-the-cuff) article sketches something I’d like to gather serious data about. Not just anecdotal evidence but serious econometric-scale data. On the other hand, it seems plainly observable. The gist (or summary) is this: When looking at the value chain that delivers a … Sigue leyendo

Ejemplo de participación digital: equefacemos/equepensamos

Los que hayan aguantado leyendo este blog sabrán que la participación ciudadana en el gobierno de las instituciones públicas es uno de los temas que me interesan. He visto (y probado) unos cuantos enfoques, y al final, hace más de un año, acabé modificando Pligg para hacer una «prueba de concepto» de lo que podría … Sigue leyendo

Links from all over the place (II)

The second installment, with still several many more notes to share… As mentioned earlier, I’m again working at building a consulting offering. I don’t really expect my employer to wake up to it… but it will come in useful anyhow. This should explain the age and drift in some the links picked up in the … Sigue leyendo

Liderazgo emergente y comunidades de práctica

Permitidme por favor unas reflexiones en voz alta… y criticad o interrumpid si os parece que patino, por favor :-). Llevo desde el verano intentando escribir un white paper sobre la historia de los usuarios que se convierten en líderes de las comunidades: los que surgen de la propia participación, en lugar de «venir incluídos» … Sigue leyendo

Modelos de negocio Open Source: conversación con John Powell, CEO de Alfresco

Aviso para navegantes: cuando decimos “hablando de Open Source” aquí, me refiero a los modelos de negocio, los pros, los contras, los socios, los competidores, los desarrolladores, y quizá a parte del camino por delante, pero no al código de Alfresco ni a la aplicación en sí. En la Alfresco Community Conference de Barcelona de … Sigue leyendo

Talking Open Source with John Powell, Alfresco CEO

A word of warning: «talking Open Source» here means talking about the business model, the pros, the cons, the competitors, the parters and the developers, and even some parts of the roadmap, but not the code or the Alfresco application itself. At this week’s Alfresco Community Conference in Barcelona there was a lot of other … Sigue leyendo

Alfresco European Community Conference, day 2 (updated)

(Yes, you guessed it, I’ve been tinkering with he Pompeu Fabra’s wifi network for half an hour and now we’re about to begin the sessions, so this looks like being brief). Yesterday was supposed to be a rather closed day for partners and developers, which I attended by kind invitation. A rather interesting event, in … Sigue leyendo

Authors rights and common work: an ethical conundrum

Here’s a practical question for those of you who know or manage communities, especially those that actually produce «knowledge objects» worth mentioning. Picture this. A conversation starts (a forum thread). Several dozen people participate. The result is a hugely interesting and professionally valuable piece of text, tens of pages long, written during months of exchange. … Sigue leyendo

Content co-creation: the relevance of the deal

You may have noticed that the Wikipedia, one of the most visible results of «content co-creation», is running  a fund raising campaign. What you may not be aware of are the reasons that make Wikipedia averse to using more conventional financing means such as advertising. They are explained here, complete with a brief mention of … Sigue leyendo

Alfresco España se presenta con un webinar

Parece que Alfresco (sistema de gestión de documental favorito de la casa) ha abierto oficina en España, aparentemente con un equipo dedicado. El site español tiene detalles mal traducidos, pero es una buena noticia. Y lo que es mejor, han empezado por ofrecer un webinar de presentación que tiene bastante buena pinta. Reproduzco su mensaje: … Sigue leyendo

Gartner on collaboration tools – full Magic Quadrant report

Gartner’s Team Collaboration ans Social Software «Magic Quadrant» report is online, made available free courtesy of SocialText: The report is useful. It’s plain Gartner can’t find a homogenous set of tools, but at long last it seems to have figured they all are part of a coherent market for a single set of needs. … Sigue leyendo

Upcoming: the Knowledge Wave paper

Friends and colleagues (and some very curious and kind souls) may have noticed that I stopped talking about the second «Visions of KM for management» paper, before summer. There’s a reason: while I believe it was essentially solid, it had a very big flaw and another serious one. It lacked focus and (as Rosanna Tarsiero … Sigue leyendo

Using Open Source in a sensible business model

Even today, when so many companies and products are making their mark using Open Source as a fundamental part of their business models, I come across lots of people that find it incredible that this can happen or have a future. There is quite a lot of misunderstanding about the issue. Yesterday I remarked on … Sigue leyendo

Post-vacational reading

Well… it had to happen. I’m back from the beach and there’s broadband and time to idle (well, not so much, these are the first ten minutes I can grab since yesterday morning :-)). So here’s a recap of interesting reading done while clearing back email. Hope you find it as interesting as myself. Open … Sigue leyendo

Resources about learning and the web

There’s a community of web-minded educators that goes by the name of WebHeads and staged an event called Convergence back in May. I missed it (as most), but today I stumble across a recap of the event’s content and logs. It’s here, and it’s probably worth a look if you’re even half interested in e-learning … Sigue leyendo

Open Source and the real thing: Windows in China

Thanks to those MS-fans at TechRepublic, I’ve found a quite interesting piece by Fortune writer David Kirkpatrick, who went with Gates on a business diplomacy tour a few weeks ago. Below layers of gossipy adulation there is real journalism and a good analysis, put with Gate’s own words: Today Gates openly concedes that tolerating piracy … Sigue leyendo

Alfresco mashable and integrable

The latest bulletin from our favourite Open Source CMS builder, Alfresco, has a couple of interesting tidbits: 1. They’ve released Alfresco Community 2.1. This is the as-you-find-it, community-driven, community-supported (as opposed to «Alfresco and partners -supported») version. It’s less solid, less tested, and does not come with a support line (beyond community forums). It’s also … Sigue leyendo

Understanding and selling wikis

Now you can see why I love SocialText. It’s not just the software (sleek and derivering), not even the Open Source licensing of the code (their own distinctive flavour), or the effort in leading the integrability of Open Source high-echelon applications. No, it’s this kind of things: they understand business. They’ve gone and posted a … Sigue leyendo