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Emergent leadership structures in online communities (early draft)

The following is a draft paper I’ve begun work on, although the perspective on the core issue has changed a bit in the last weeks… It should fit it with the rest of the work that you can find in the Papers section. Comments (about the interest -or lack thereof- of the subject, about the … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM 2: another draft of the paper

Yet another draft, indeed :-), of the second paper in this series, aiming to explain the usefulness of knowledge management and its implementation, from a management perspective. This draft incorporates several changes made since last year, including the latest comments from one of the peer reviewers (I look forward to more). Hopefully the last will … Sigue leyendo

Nice paper: Google evidence on prediction markets

In an extremely roundabout way I just came across this: a paper written by Google’s Bo Cowgill and academics Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz and published on January 6th, studying the evidence from Google’s dabbling in prediction markets, described as means to «efficiently aggregate many employees’ information and augment existing forecasting methods». Not everyone’s definition … Sigue leyendo

Knowlege sharing’s day of reckoning, sort of

I took a bit of issue with the innocently introspective KMers that Brad Hinton was writing about earlier in the week… and here comes Wharton University and publishes a research paper apparently calling into question the effectiveness of «knowledge sharing». And this really irks. I’m not quarreling with the study in itself (I’ll be trying … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM in practice 2 (final preview)

As some readers may remember, I’m working on a new white paper that attemps to explain the practical aspects of knowledge management in the company: in other words, it’s KM told to business managers, and aims to be useful. Well, some of the peer reviews are in already, and they have been incorporated. Plus, I … Sigue leyendo

MySpace’s take on networking

Here’s something I missed at the time (April 2007) and I only found today after several unscripted blog jumps. Courtesy of the Forrester domestic blogs, BTW. It’s a PDF paper that contains the analysis social networking giant MySpace did of the uses and value creation that people find in online networking tools and environments, and … Sigue leyendo

Visions 2: first reviews in

I was already getting twitchy when the first preliminary comments from one of the peer reviewers came in (well, they came in a while ago but I only just saw it :-)). The gist goes like this: 1. generally speaking, this paper is not as well argued as you have gotten me (and your readers) … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM in practice, and in plain business English

Well, the draft is finished and in the hands of trusted reviewers (or travelling toward them) for a first intensive round of kicking. So what I’m linking here is just a preview ;-). A rough-edged, bland, pretentious and too-easy-to-understand 25-pages brick. As a friend said, it’s a sort of «KM for dummies«… but aimed straight … Sigue leyendo

Upcoming: Visions of KM 2

As announced, and thanks to the slack provided by the medical issues of this month, work in the second installment of the last series is coming apace. Or something close :-). It will deal with the business manager’s perspective of KM. Indeed a friend of mine has called it (the early draft) «knowledge management for … Sigue leyendo

Writing about visions of KM: the business angle

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve just retaken the last series of white papers. The aim is to give different perspectives into what it means to use KM, and how to go about it. It’s all well and good to know that the high management «get» the need to «do KM» but that does not mean anybody … Sigue leyendo

New business models

As I set out to write part two of «Visions of KM in practice«, I think I’ll start with the acknowledgements. This piece by JP Rangaswami (CIO and visionary) includes, together with many other sensible things, a nice sum-up of management principles that need to be taken into account in modern firms. Two snips: «As … Sigue leyendo

A paper on SAP and social media

Back at Social Media Today (a RSS aggregator of social media bloggers) they’ve posted a short white paper about SAP’s use of social media. It’s simple but clear, and SAP’s use of communities, wikis and other tools and techniques to enlist its developer community (yes, they called it «crowdsourcing» at a recent event) is an … Sigue leyendo

Tarmizi et al.: A study on facilitators perspective on CoPs

Actually the title is: A Facilitators’ Perspective on Successful Virtual Communities of Practice. Late in 2006 I was honoured to participate in a study led by Halbana Tarmizi (of the University of Nebraska at Omaha) about the trends and characteristics of successful CoPs, with other five practitioners. The results are out and will be presented … Sigue leyendo

Systems planning and KM strategies

There’s a recurrent theme in companies that try to adopt KM strategies and tools, and which look into implementing Web 2.0 ideas and technologies: the need of the management (and most specifically, of the systems management team) to get a clear, nice, well-defined plan to stick to. That doesn’t usually work anywhere, but least of … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM in practice (draft PDF)

As you (*) may have noticed, I’m somewhat interested in the more practical issues of knowledge management from an organizational perspective. In other words: what is KM good for, what does it deliver, how does it fit in the organization, what are the roles of management and IT, and what does all that «2.0» buzzwording … Sigue leyendo

Nuevo white paper: Sistemas y gestión del conocimiento

Por una vez y esperando que sirva de precedente :-) publico una versión española completa de uno de los white papers de Macuarium Network. Como indica el texto, se trata más bien de una recopilación de las notas que deberían acompañar a cinco diapositivas, hechas con la intención de explicar mi visión de los ámbitos … Sigue leyendo