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Going agile, the whole hog: Spotify, matrixes and knowledge management

Project managers often have a conflicting feeling with agile methodologies. They’re very effective for small to midsize projects, yes, but how do you keep a neat, synchronized general work plan for a really big project – a programme, actually? Without standard, old-style project management practices? Well, the people at Spotify have gone and tried. They’ve … Sigue leyendo

Business models, project management, and growing communities of practice

Almost in-vitro CoPs. And I don’t mean CoPs for reproductive health :-). Not that it’d be a bad idea. But to the point. Recently I’ve had reason to give a lot of thought to CoP-fostering as a whole, and as a managed process. Picture this. You are an organization that is somewhat removed from the … Sigue leyendo

Community management blog reading

After months of being absolutely involved in our pregnancy and the job change, I’m finally starting to get some free time two evenings in a row… to celebrate which, I’m apparently taking back to blogging so as to get rid of it :-). Go figure. Now, catching up on some reading, these tidbits are thought-worthy… … Sigue leyendo

Sunday tag surfing

Before I get down to serious work, here’s a look at the most interesting things caught in the morning’s browsing. WordPress’ tag surfing does add a bit of spice. The wisdom of clouds: John Millner doing a panegyric of social-tagging folksonomies. Not bad for a sales pitch. And he’s right (Socialtext’s shared tagging got me … Sigue leyendo