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Gartner and Forrester on collaboration

This month promises to be interesting in more ways than expected. Starting on November 18th, my people at the company I work for can expect some nuggets of wisdom from approved sources :-). In short, on November 18th we’ll have a face-to-face (or face-to-teleconference for some) with Gartner’s research director Nikos Drakos on «Social networks, … Sigue leyendo

Socialtext People – looking behind the text

I wish I could comment with a bit more depth, but these days are as awkward as usual of late (I’m down with a bit of a fever on top of the usual excess wordkload). Still I don’t want to miss commenting this: http://www.socialtext.com/products/features/Socialtext-People.php is a webcast explaining the latest beta of collaboration software maker … Sigue leyendo

SocialText joins Lotus Connections

Well, this should be interesting news. According to the Socialtext blog, there has just been an announcement (unreported as yet by IBM) of collaboration. Socialtext and IBM plan to integrate the wiki software of the first into the «social networking» (I’d rather say «collaboration») platform of the second. It’s a move that can help Socialtext … Sigue leyendo

So you want to be a big software player

You may know I’ve spent the past ten years working at an «integrator», a sort of consulting-cum-technology company that takes several other companies’ software products, sells them to large customers and then makes sure they all work together to satisfy some real business need. In different roles, I’ve had to work with all types of … Sigue leyendo

Wiki software roundup notes

I’m in the (time-consuming, and therefore bad) habit of trying to test first-hand most tools that I’m likely to be involved in during projects. I like to reccomend solutions I’m happy with. Until very recently, I had my mind made up about the wiki platform I liked most… but after they changed the manager for … Sigue leyendo

Understanding and selling wikis

Now you can see why I love SocialText. It’s not just the software (sleek and derivering), not even the Open Source licensing of the code (their own distinctive flavour), or the effort in leading the integrability of Open Source high-echelon applications. No, it’s this kind of things: they understand business. They’ve gone and posted a … Sigue leyendo

Noticias de SocialText

Socialtext es uno de los mejores wikis pensado para entorno corporativo. La diferencia con cosas como TikiWiki, MediaWiki, PmWiki y buena parte de la fauna conocida es como de la noche al día (aunque hay otros productos y servicios más que apropiados). Tiene una versión soportada y una gratuita (es Open Source y sigue el … Sigue leyendo