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Content co-creation: the relevance of the deal

You may have noticed that the Wikipedia, one of the most visible results of «content co-creation», is running  a fund raising campaign. What you may not be aware of are the reasons that make Wikipedia averse to using more conventional financing means such as advertising. They are explained here, complete with a brief mention of … Sigue leyendo

New business models

As I set out to write part two of «Visions of KM in practice«, I think I’ll start with the acknowledgements. This piece by JP Rangaswami (CIO and visionary) includes, together with many other sensible things, a nice sum-up of management principles that need to be taken into account in modern firms. Two snips: «As … Sigue leyendo

Mobility and social media uptake stats (credible)

Well, we know there’s a lot of way to go until everyone is making the most of «social media», ubicuitous connection and web 2.0 possibilities (and I’m betting against it ever happening, not least because they’re three different things). Now we have some statistical pictures of the current state of affair over at the US. … Sigue leyendo

Participation stats (more credible)

This is not news: it was first posted in January here at The Future of Communities by François Gossieaux. In short, Dr Paul Dholokia gives the numbers that underlie the HBR study on eBay community participation, in full and without the subscription payment. Since he’s given them to readers of TFoC, kindly visit them for … Sigue leyendo