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Google Sites early review: aiming at Sharepoint

Yesterday I received Google’s announcement that the rebirth of Jotspot as a Google App is now usable. Indeed better than usable, but that’s another issue. Jotspot used to be a well-reputed free hosted wiki, but I was never familiar with it. I’ve been tinkering with Google Sites for a longish while now, so I can … Sigue leyendo

Jotspot returns as Google Sites

Now this is a press release I like: Greetings! We’re contacting everyone who’s expressed interest in learning of JotSpot registration re-openings on the JotSpot website. And today, we’re excited to announce that JotSpot is working on Google infrastructure and has been re-launched as Google Sites. Google Sites is the latest offering from Google Apps, a … Sigue leyendo

SocialText joins Lotus Connections

Well, this should be interesting news. According to the Socialtext blog, there has just been an announcement (unreported as yet by IBM) of collaboration. Socialtext and IBM plan to integrate the wiki software of the first into the «social networking» (I’d rather say «collaboration») platform of the second. It’s a move that can help Socialtext … Sigue leyendo

Wiki software roundup notes

I’m in the (time-consuming, and therefore bad) habit of trying to test first-hand most tools that I’m likely to be involved in during projects. I like to reccomend solutions I’m happy with. Until very recently, I had my mind made up about the wiki platform I liked most… but after they changed the manager for … Sigue leyendo

Outsource thyself

What happens when you develop new business competences through your side interests, competences that are not related to your employer’s range of services? Well, you either leave the company, or waste those competences… or convice your boss to widen that range of services a bit. In other words, if you happen to need a consultant … Sigue leyendo

Understanding and selling wikis

Now you can see why I love SocialText. It’s not just the software (sleek and derivering), not even the Open Source licensing of the code (their own distinctive flavour), or the effort in leading the integrability of Open Source high-echelon applications. No, it’s this kind of things: they understand business. They’ve gone and posted a … Sigue leyendo

Ideas básicas sobre wikis (en inglés, castellano, catalán, vasco…)

Al poner en marcha uno de los últimos proyectos de wikis (el que describía en el post anterior, y que despegará hoy si todo va bien) estuve buscando material de referencia para los colaboradores que no están familiarizados con estas herramientas. Como es tradicional :-), la familia LeFever tiene algo que ofrecer. Aquí podemos ver … Sigue leyendo

A paper on SAP and social media

Back at Social Media Today (a RSS aggregator of social media bloggers) they’ve posted a short white paper about SAP’s use of social media. It’s simple but clear, and SAP’s use of communities, wikis and other tools and techniques to enlist its developer community (yes, they called it «crowdsourcing» at a recent event) is an … Sigue leyendo

Gestión del conocimiento en la blogosfera: Mayo 2007

Gestión del conocimiento, comunidades de práctica, y todas esas cosas que encuentra uno si se pasa por la sección de Tag Navigation de un blog alojado en WordPress.com y de las que no he comentado nada aún. Son demasiadas para dedicar un artículo a cada una, pero algunas son demasiado buenas para dejarlas correr. A … Sigue leyendo

Noticias de SocialText

Socialtext es uno de los mejores wikis pensado para entorno corporativo. La diferencia con cosas como TikiWiki, MediaWiki, PmWiki y buena parte de la fauna conocida es como de la noche al día (aunque hay otros productos y servicios más que apropiados). Tiene una versión soportada y una gratuita (es Open Source y sigue el … Sigue leyendo