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Ranking accident: how to stumble into the Blogs of the Day

Every time this little, undercultivated page makes a little mark in the consciousness of people whose opinion I care about (mostly, those who care about the same things I do) it makes me smile.

Seven years ago I started a very little website (I refused to call it a portal after the fashion of the day) with a shoestring budget, no advertising, and a lot of faith on original content. It was engrossing to see its audience climb to 10, 20, 70, 100, 300 daily readers. The toddler is now an infant and ratches 15.000 daily readers without trying, which is close to saturation, so watching the statistics is no longer thrilling. Some months ago we launched iPhoniac.com, but it shot up fast enough thanks to its «mothership» site’s support.

eme ká eme is recent, tender, and dedicated to thoroughly un-mainstream topics, so watching the trends is like going back to those times. I enjoyed it hugely when it reached 71 daily visitors (day of the launch of a new white paper on KM and management). It didn’t last, of course.

And yesterday it was 193… and a mention on WordPress.com’s Sites of the day. It’s a listing of fast-growing blogs, a sort of encouragement and self-reinforcing «community feature». It means nothing practical. It is a very low number. It was never a goal. It will not be sustained, certainly.


The fun thing was watching it happen. I saw it building up. And it does give some lessons for whoever may care about these things:

  • The first component was chance and an early entry in a relevant topic for a substantial reader segment. I happen to work for a company in the receiving end of a just-announced takeover; I made a remark about the announcement, which was taken by a keyword-surfing day-trader as support for the idea that a bit of better management might indeed yield vast returns. It got linked and quoted at a day-trader forum. People visited the article and (not having been introduced) stopped by the About and Acerca de pages.
  • The second was a calm comment about a very polemic matter, made from the wallet. A leading open-source application and its developer and customer ecosystem are in the throes of a transformation that may affect the total cost of use for its thriving community of users. The polemic is bitter. The post got keyword-found and quoted on one of the blogs at which the polemic revolves. And so more people dropped by and got introduced.

Also, Monday was a pretty active day in the shape of comments from friends and colleagues. Not surprising since I had not posted regularly in a while.

In other words, I happened to stumble (marginally) into two tides of significant interest going around the web yesterday. You can do that on purpose (I don’t, here :-)), and you could probably keep it up if you want to (I won’t even try). In both cases, the collective of readers was accidental and will probably not take any heed (or feed) of this blog; there’s been very little movement in the doughtier articles.

Want 24 hours of blog ranking? Look around, and get your keywords on the net early to catch the breeze. The rest works just as in the wider Web.


If that doesn’t make it, try this I just found out: the Joomla article was 16th «most read» in the Spanish WordPress list for yesterday. Which is great for multiculturality since it was written in English. It would not have made the English list, I presume (more contenders), so the WordPress algorythm gave it more weight than it probably should. Sic transit gloria mundi.


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