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Roundup of KM links for Monday

After a week of writing proposals and a weekend of herding my sister-in-law’s potential parents-in-law around Madrid’s sights and watering holes (how do we ever get dragged into these things :-)), I’m enjoying my last two days before holidays. Hardly any work at the office, peace at the communities, not even too much heath for … Sigue leyendo

IBM on the future

A visit to Luis Suarez’s ELSUA blog is usually worth it (despite the slow loading on Firefox). This time, there’s a selection of video interviews by Robert Scoble (he’s leveraging the visibility he got as «Scobleizer» pretty well), talking to several distinguished IBMers about such things as social networking’s impact on marketing, or virtual worlds … Sigue leyendo

On volunteer management: issues and people

In most people’s everyday work experience, there’s nice coworkers (and I’m dumping together here colleagues, reports, bosses, partners and customers) and there’s people whom you dislike. In a normal business environment, you just get along with everyone because there’s something else you want (your job done and a pay check) and so do them. There … Sigue leyendo

Always an enjoyable read

I keep forgetting to comment one or another of their posts. And in fact they don’t have much to do with knowledge management or communities, just with well-working minds and teams. They do great things, and they think about what they do. And they even share what entertains them, which is refreshing. They’re the people … Sigue leyendo

Of email marketing, communities, and iPods

This is one of those few things that make one smile bemused. Really. The other day I received an email from one of the communities I neglect (joined and somehow hardly ever came back) inviting members to participate in a survey. I was interested in the content of the survey, so I clicked the link, … Sigue leyendo

Sigue la fusión de eConozco en Xing

Mientras Facebook disfruta de las decenas de miniaplicaciones para usuarios derivadas de publicar sus APIs (y renunciar a cobrar por usarlas), LinkedIn mantiene su campaña de facilitar nuevas captaciones, Ryze flota sin rumbo y MySpace llora porque les han dicho que la gente «bien» prefiere otras redes, hay un servicio de networking que no deja … Sigue leyendo

Ain’t it sad

Some years ago (not too many) some friends and I devoted quite a lot of time to working at an European Union project called Knowledgeboard.com (aka «the KB«). We posted messages, hosted conversations, kick-started events, and generally contributed ideas, suggestions and papers. Time goes on. Most of them don’t have any contact with the KB. … Sigue leyendo

On the types of innovation

As usual, this Friday’s The Economist holds some thought-provoking pieces. One, unrelated to our subject, mentioned (at last) the blatant political leaning of a Spanish newspaper they have often blindly relied on for analysis. The second and more relevant one was a very confused piece about innovation in Great Britain. I’m not blaming them, they’re … Sigue leyendo