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Resources about learning and the web

There’s a community of web-minded educators that goes by the name of WebHeads and staged an event called Convergence back in May. I missed it (as most), but today I stumble across a recap of the event’s content and logs. It’s here, and it’s probably worth a look if you’re even half interested in e-learning … Sigue leyendo

Open Source and the real thing: Windows in China

Thanks to those MS-fans at TechRepublic, I’ve found a quite interesting piece by Fortune writer David Kirkpatrick, who went with Gates on a business diplomacy tour a few weeks ago. Below layers of gossipy adulation there is real journalism and a good analysis, put with Gate’s own words: Today Gates openly concedes that tolerating piracy … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM in practice 2 (final preview)

As some readers may remember, I’m working on a new white paper that attemps to explain the practical aspects of knowledge management in the company: in other words, it’s KM told to business managers, and aims to be useful. Well, some of the peer reviews are in already, and they have been incorporated. Plus, I … Sigue leyendo

MySpace’s take on networking

Here’s something I missed at the time (April 2007) and I only found today after several unscripted blog jumps. Courtesy of the Forrester domestic blogs, BTW. It’s a PDF paper that contains the analysis social networking giant MySpace did of the uses and value creation that people find in online networking tools and environments, and … Sigue leyendo

Lectores de fin de semana

Es curioso, pero es verificable: así como entre semana los artículos más leídos del blog son los escritos en inglés, el tráfico de fin de semana (sustancialmente menor) se centra en los artículos en español. ¿Tráfico español en fin de semana? ¿Falta de tráfico internacional en fin de semana? ¿Qué diferencia a los dos? ¿Alguien … Sigue leyendo

Visions 2: first reviews in

I was already getting twitchy when the first preliminary comments from one of the peer reviewers came in (well, they came in a while ago but I only just saw it :-)). The gist goes like this: 1. generally speaking, this paper is not as well argued as you have gotten me (and your readers) … Sigue leyendo

Roundup of blogs and ideas

Today’s Friday, and the reviews of the latest paper are taking their time (as well they should :-)) so I thought it’d be nice to go for a little browsing to pick ideas for the weeked. The results: Through Anedote’s blog, we find this multi-authored podcast with tips and ideas from David Maister, about «managing … Sigue leyendo

The sincerest form of flattery…

… is said to be imitation. A short while back, I was surprised by a very kind email from one of the managers of an astronomers’ association. They asked for permission to adopt (and adapt) the rules and methods used in Macuarium.com’s inter-user marketplace: apparently, common members of both communities suggested it when they encountered … Sigue leyendo

Un blog curioso

El otro día, a través del sistema de seguimiento de tags de WordPress, tropecé con un artículo clasificado como «gestión del conocimiento» que me llamó la atención. Se trataba de las reflexiones de una joven canadiense que estaba realizando la evaluación de un proyecto de colaboración en Ghana. Lo mejor no eran las fotos o … Sigue leyendo

Gestión del conocimiento en español (Apéndice)

Dentro de los posts sobre la gestión del conocimiento entre los Pirineos y el norte de Africa (más islas y territorios, menos Portugal de momento), hoy toca hacer un aparte para mencionar la búsqueda que Nancy White está haciendo para localizar recursos en español, sean de donde sean. Eso me ha llevado a encontrar el … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM in practice, and in plain business English

Well, the draft is finished and in the hands of trusted reviewers (or travelling toward them) for a first intensive round of kicking. So what I’m linking here is just a preview ;-). A rough-edged, bland, pretentious and too-easy-to-understand 25-pages brick. As a friend said, it’s a sort of «KM for dummies«… but aimed straight … Sigue leyendo

Alfresco mashable and integrable

The latest bulletin from our favourite Open Source CMS builder, Alfresco, has a couple of interesting tidbits: 1. They’ve released Alfresco Community 2.1. This is the as-you-find-it, community-driven, community-supported (as opposed to «Alfresco and partners -supported») version. It’s less solid, less tested, and does not come with a support line (beyond community forums). It’s also … Sigue leyendo

Nancy White on technology and communities

It’s not the first time, but this particular set of slides she’s just announced on the OnFac list are filled with though-provoking ideas and images. The slides are evidently designed as background for an extensive spoken explanation. If we had the comments, some of those thoughts would doubtlessly be clearer. But that’s the problem with … Sigue leyendo

Say a little prayer, or cross your fingers

Ahem, now’s when I blush a bit, this is a bit private and all that but… As some of you know, these last few months my family’s been involved in a lengthy medical treatment, with several others intertwined. The treatment is going rather well on the whole, although that does not mean it is being … Sigue leyendo

Understanding and selling wikis

Now you can see why I love SocialText. It’s not just the software (sleek and derivering), not even the Open Source licensing of the code (their own distinctive flavour), or the effort in leading the integrability of Open Source high-echelon applications. No, it’s this kind of things: they understand business. They’ve gone and posted a … Sigue leyendo

More on creation and the environment

This is turning into a very nice sort-of-conversation, and I believe we’re onto something. After answering Matt Moore’s piece with some musings, he’s gathered and answered several blog replies to his piece. This is interesting in more than one sense: for one thing, unlike in a forum thread (or a well-behaved list), we’re all happily … Sigue leyendo

Upcoming: Visions of KM 2

As announced, and thanks to the slack provided by the medical issues of this month, work in the second installment of the last series is coming apace. Or something close :-). It will deal with the business manager’s perspective of KM. Indeed a friend of mine has called it (the early draft) «knowledge management for … Sigue leyendo

Infraestructura en la web 2.0: redes sociales

Al hilo de este excelente artículo sobre la última ronda de financiación de Ning y las extrapolaciones (más o menos serias) sobre el valor de una «red social», hay un par de temas que merece la pena comentar… y como me estoy pasando con el contenido en inglés, habrá que hacerlo en español :-). La … Sigue leyendo

Gestión del conocimiento en España (IV)

Ya va siendo hora de dar otro pequeño repaso. Entre las curiosidades de estos veinte días, podemos contar: La cantidad de cursos de verano que mencionan la gestión del conocimiento en su título (otra cosa es que tengan algo que ver con ella…) que se están ofreciendo estos días. Hasta el momento, me parece que … Sigue leyendo

Creativity’s many fathers

Reading Matt Moore’s interesting post about the relative importance of «creators» in a world of «co-creation», I’m inclined to think the issue’s a lot deeper than we’re talking. The following is an uncut ramble, so please bear with me. It’s self-evident and widely acknowledged that all new content («creation») is the product of several inputs … Sigue leyendo