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Blogs and crowdsourcing

This post set me thinking again about the corporate uses of blogs. In short, the author tells the story of his company’s use of them, uncovering that:

«the primary goal being to share awareness (rather than knowledge) «.

It is as could be expected from corporate team blogs. And it fits the bill for a different use: making the outside of the company aware of what you are doing and want to do. Implicate the wider «community» of colleagues, customers, partners and generally concerned people in a conversation, and possibly in work, towards those goals. Learning of their views, catalysing their help… in other words, trying your hand at a bit of crowdsourcing (*)

I dare guess many Google and Sun (and IBM, and…) blogs are written with that kind of result in mind. Engaging the corporation beyond the team and the department (which is a different crowd indeed) and the concerned public, so as to get the work done better…

… and so as to get them to do related work, such as «third-party development» that ultimately makes the technology’s ecosystem valuable. And I dare guess many other organizations, especially in the social-work arena, use blogs for the same goals.

(*) By the way, the Wikipedia is another crowdsourcing project: they initiated it only after the in-house-edited, managed version failed to work. They don’t like to hear it, though.


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